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STS-113 Mission Overview

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Space Station Alpha Expedition Five patch. NASA image. The "core crew" of STS-113 will remain the same from liftoff to touchdown. Space Station Alpha Expedition Six patch. NASA image.
Endeavour has landed!
NASA image of STS-113 crew patch, representing the addition of the P1 Truss to Space Station Alpha's structure, as well as the ISS crew exchange.

ABOVE: STS-113 Mission Patch.
ISS Expedition Five crew. NASA Photo.ISS Expedition Six crew. NASA Photo. TOP LEFT: ISS Expedition 5 patch; STS-113 "core crew"; ISS Expedition 6 patch.
BOTTOM LEFT: ISS Expedition 5 and 6 crews.

Latest Mission News

STS-113 Updated Flight Facts

Mission:   International Space Station Flight 11A
Orbiter: Endeavour (OV-105)
Crew: 7  (4 + 3 ISS Up + 3 ISS Down)
Launch Date: Saturday, 23 November 2002
Launch Time: 7:50PM EST (0050 GMT Sunday 24 Nov)
Launch Window: 5-10 minutes
Launch Facility: KSC, Pad 39A
Docking: 25 November 2002, 3:59PM EST (2059 GMT)
EVAs: 3 Spacewalks
Undocking: 02 December 2002, 2:05PM EST (1905 GMT)
Landing: 07 December 2002, 2:37PM EST (1937 GMT)
Landing Facility: Kennedy Space Center
Orbital Insertion Altitude: 122 nautical miles (226 kilometers)
Orbit Inclination: 51.60
Orbit Period: 91.6 minutes (185 full orbits)
Duration: 13 Days, 18 Hours, 47 minutes
Flight stats: 112th Shuttle flight (19th for Endeavour)

Mission info from NASA Human Spaceflight and Kennedy Space Center webs


Space Shuttle Endeavour to Deliver Expedition Six to ISS
STS-113 will be the fifth International Space Station crew rotation flight by a space shuttle. Expedition Six Commander Ken Bowersox and Flight Engineers Don Pettit and Nikolai Budarin will travel aboard Space Shuttle Endeavour to the station to replace the Expedition Five crew. The Expedition Six crewmembers will have a four-month tour of duty on the orbital outpost. They are scheduled to return to Earth with STS-114 in March 2003.
This artist's concept illustrates the P1 (P-One) Truss, lower right, as it will appear once it has been attached to the International Space Station. NASA graphic.The Expedition Five crew -- Commander Valery Korzun, Flight Engineer Sergei Treschev and NASA ISS Science Officer Peggy Whitson -- will wrap up a stay that spanned more than five months when Endeavour departs the station.
STS-113 to Continue Expansion of Station with P1 Truss Delivery
The outward expansion of the International Space Station will continue when STS-113 delivers its primary payload, the P1 (P-One) Truss. Following the P1's attachment to the port side of the S-0 (S-Zero) Truss, STS-113 Mission Specialists Michael Lopez-Alegria and John Herrington will perform three spacewalks to outfit and activate it. The P1 installation and activation activities will be similar to that of the S1 (S-One) Truss during STS-112.
In addition to the P1, STS-113 will deliver supplies and equipment to the station.

Note: We have divided the Mission Journals into an unprecedented seven sections for faster downloading. Updates are presented with newest dates on top, with Part 7 covering the third landing attempt through touchdown; Part 6 covering undocking and the first two landing attempts; Part 5 covering the last EVA; Part 4 covering the first two EVAs; Part 3 covering liftoff through docking; Part 2 covering the pre-launch scrubs; and Part 1 covering all Preflight activities.

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