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Space Quotes - 2003

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Space Quote of the Month - December 2003 - January 2004:

Dec 17 is the 100th anniversary of the Wright Bros' first flight!"[Mars would] be a great place to go. It must be a lot like Kitty Hawk was in 1903. Desert and sandy, from the pictures that I've seen. It would be a bridge from the past to the future. It would almost be a modern re-enactment of what they did."

Aspiring astronaut Keith Yoerg,
13-year-old great-great-grandnephew of Wilbur and Orville Wright,
on extending the legacy of the Wright Brothers.

Space Quote of the Month - November - December 2003:

President John F. Kennedy (right), gets an explanation of the Saturn rocket system from Dr. Werner Von Braun (center). This NASA photo was taken while Kennedy was touring Cape Canaveral on 16 November 1963."...we have regained the initiative in the exploration of outer space, making an annual effort greater than the combined total of all space activities undertaken during the fifties, launching more than 130 vehicles into earth orbit, putting into actual operation valuable weather and communications satellites, and making it clear to all that the United States of America has no intention of finishing second in space.

This effort is expensive -- but it pays its own way, for freedom and for America. For there is no longer any fear in the free world that a Communist lead in space will become a permanent assertion of supremacy and the basis of military superiority. There is no longer any doubt about the strength and skill of American science, American industry, American education, and the American free enterprise system. In short, our national space effort represents a great gain in, and a great resource of, our national strength..."

- President John F. Kennedy,
from a speech he was scheduled to give in Dallas, Texas on 22 November 1963.

Space Quote of the Month - October - November 2003:

This is the official emblem for the NASA Skylab program, launched 30 years ago. It depicts the United States Skylab space station cluster in Earth orbit with the Sun in the background."We should seek to extend man's capability to live and work in space. The experimental space station - a large orbiting workshop - will be an important part of this effort. We are now building such a station - using systems originally developed for the Apollo program - and plan to begin using it for operational missions in the next few years. We expect that men will be working in space for months at a time during the coming decade."

- President Richard Nixon,
announcing what would later be known as the Skylab program,
March 1970

Space Quote of the Month - September - October 2003:

Spain's Pedro Duque will be visiting the International Space Station this month with Expedition 8, and return home with Expedition 7. ESA photo.Everyone has the instinct to explore; humanity always has tended to expand so that it is easier for us to survive. Nevertheless, I am often asked where we go when we are launched into space. It's a logical question, because the objective has been lost somewhat. People understand going to the Moon, but not orbiting the Earth doing science experiments... Really, the conquest of space cannot be just going back and forth, over and over. There is no political will to explore the planets... for example, to go to Mars."

- Astronaut Pedro Duque,
(who visited the ISS in October),
April 1997 interview

Space Quote of the Month - August - September 2003:
Ground Zero NYC, March 2003. Photo by Anthony Fernandez."In the skies today we saw destruction and tragedy. Yet, farther than we can see, there is comfort and hope. In the words of the prophet Isaiah, 'Lift your eyes and look to the heavens. Who created all these? He who brings out the starry hosts one by one and calls them each by name. Because of His great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.'

...May God bless the grieving families, and may God continue to bless America."

- President George W. Bush,
on the Columbia disaster, Feb 1st 2003

Space Quote of the Month - July - August 2003:

NASA photo from 1999, showing Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong at a banquet honoring the 30th anniversary of the first moon landing. "In my own view, the important achievement of Apollo was a demonstration that humanity is not forever chained to this planet, and our visions go rather further than that, and our opportunities are unlimited."

Neil Armstrong,
Apollo 11 30th-anniversary press conference, 1999.

Space Quote of the Month - June - July 2003:

Sally Ride became the first U.S. woman in space when she flew on STS-7, the first of her two missions aboard shuttle Challenger. NASA photo."I think I'm going to wait until I'm 75, and then I'm going to call NASA and say, 'I want to go to Mars.'"

- Dr. Sally Ride, first American woman in space,
when asked if she would fly again.

Space Quote of the Month - May - June 2003:

Gordon Cooper flew the last Mercury mission in May 1963. NASA photo."I have the normal desire, experienced by everybody who's ever flown an airplane with a certain amount of zoom capability, to go a little bit higher and a little bit faster."

Mercury 9 astronaut Gordon Cooper,
in Life magazine, 1959.

Space Quote of the Month - April - May 2003:

Yuri Malenchenko, of the Russian Space Agency, will command a two-man Expedition 7 to the International Space Station. NASA photo."...The tragedy that has occurred, the fact that we lost our comrades, the fact is that they gave their lives for the continued space exploration. The fact that we are together and that it's an international project allows us to continue this effort. We have the capabilities of different countries that we can put together to continue. I think that our Expedition confirms that, shows that we continue working even in such a difficult time period."

- Cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko,
on how history will view Expedition 7 (the first post-Columbia spaceflight).

Space Quote of the Month - March - April 2003:

Following the loss of Columbia and crew on their return to Earth, NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe comments on the tragedy during a press briefing at KSC. NASA photo."We had highly anticipated their return because we couldn't wait to congratulate them for their extraordinary performance and their excellent efforts on the science mission on this very important flight. They dedicated their lives to pushing the scientific challenges for all of us here on Earth. ... The loss of this valiant crew is something we will never be able to get over."

- NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe,
on the loss of the Columbia astronauts, Feb 1st 2003.

Space Quote of the Month - February - March 2003:

President Bush at the JSC Memorial service, 3 days after the Columbia disaster. NASA photo."All Americans today are thinking ... of the families of these men and women who have been given this sudden shock and grief. You're not alone. Our entire nation grieves with you. And those you loved will always have the respect and gratitude of this country. The cause in which they died will continue. Mankind is led into the darkness beyond our world by the inspiration of discovery and the longing to understand. Our journey into space will go on."

- President George W. Bush,
addressing the nation after the Columbia tragedy, Feb 1st 2003.

Space Quote of the Month - January - February 2003:

Judy Resnik, from the STS-41D crew portrait (first flight of Discovery). She perished with her six crewmates in the Challenger disaster on mission STS-51L. NASA photo."I tend to get more wrapped up in my own small role as an engineer and scientist and sometimes, probably wrongly, don't look at the historic significance of things... We still have to carry out our primary missions and the participants are watching our primary missions and hopefully some contributions on their own to what we can do in space and bringing it back to the people."

- Dr. Judith Resnik (1949-1986),
2nd American woman (and first Jewish person) in space.

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