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STS-117 Mission Overview

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Atlantis' crew. Image courtesy of NASA.
Atlantis Home After Cross-Country Ferry Flight
NASA image of the updated STS-117 mission patch.
LEFT: STS-117 crew portrait, minus Clayton Anderson. Anderson joined the 117 crew and will be rotating into ISS Expedition 15, replacing Sunita Williams. Williams will be returning aboard Atlantis.
RIGHT: Updated STS-117 Mission Patch.

Mission Journal Updates

STS-117 Updated Flight Facts

Mission:   International Space Station Flight 13A
Orbiter: Atlantis (OV-104)
Primary Payload: ISS S3/S4 Truss
Crew: 7 (all US, including 1 ISS up/1 ISS down)
Launch Date: 8 June 2007
Launch Time: 7:38PM EDT (2338 GMT)
Launch Window: 10 minutes
Launch Facility: Kennedy Space Center, Pad 39A
Docking: FD-3 - 10 Jun 2007, 3:38PM EDT (1938 GMT)
EVAs: 4 Spacewalks (FD-4, FD-6, FD-8, FD-10)
Undocking: 19 June 2007 (FD-12) 10:42AM EDT (1442 GMT)
Landing: 22 June 2007 (FD-15) 3:49PM EDT (1949 GMT)
Landing Facility: Edwards AFB (Runway 22) (was scheduled for Kennedy Space Center)
Orbital Insertion Altitude: 122 nautical miles (226 kilometers)
Orbit Inclination: 51.60°
Orbit Period: 91.6 minutes (219 orbits)
Duration: 13 days, 20hrs, 12min, 44sec
Flight Stats: 118th Shuttle flight (28th for Atlantis)
Launch On Need: STS-318 (Endeavour)

Mission info from NASA, CSA, and Spaceflight Now! websites

Clayton Anderson shifted from the STS-118 crew to STS-117. He will be a part of ISS Expeditions 15 and 16. NASA PHOTO NO: JSC2004-E-48382Frederick Sturckow, a Marine colonel, will command STS-117. The mission will deliver the second and third starboard truss segments (S3/S4) and another pair of solar arrays to the space station. Pilot Lee Archambault, an Air Force colonel, joins Sturckow in the Shuttle’s cockpit. Mission specialists James Reilly II, Ph.D., Patrick Forrester, Steven Swanson, Ph.D., and John D. Olivas, Ph.D., round out the crew. STS-117 is the 21st shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

Expedition 15's Sunita Williams (left) will return to Earth aboard Atlantis. NASA PHOTO NO: ISS015-S-002AExpedition 15 Flight Engineer Sunita L. Williams will return to Earth from the space station aboard shuttle mission STS-117. That flight will carry Expedition 15/16 Flight Engineer Clayton C. Anderson to the station. He will return home aboard Discovery on mission STS-120.

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