STS-112 Mission Journal  

STS-112 Mission Journal - Part 5

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Shuttle Atlantis lands at Kennedy Space Center. NASA photo KSC-02PD-1582 (18 Oct 2002).
Atlantis mission STS-112 to Space Station Alpha.
The Shuttle has landed. Latest coverage here!
NASA image of STS-112 crew patch, representing the addition of the S1 Truss to Space Station Alpha's structure.



Here are post-spacewalk pics from Monday...
Cosmonsaut Fyodor Yurchikhin (top) and Pilot Pam Melroy assist Piers Sellers (left) and Dave Wolf (right) shortly after EVA #3. NASA TV capture. Piers Sellers (left) talks to ISS Commander Valery Korzun (back to camera). Fyodor Yurchikhin floats above while Pam Melroy assists Dave Wolf (right) with his spacesuit after EVA #3. NASA TV capture. Piers Sellers (left) and Dave Wolf are all smiles after EVA #3. They are being helped off with their spacesuits by STS-112 Mission Specialist Fyodor Yurchikhin (left) and Pilot Pam Melroy (right). NASA TV capture. 'Ha ha, very funny, you guys! The old empty-spacesuit trick!' OK, we're just making that up Pam Melroy is NOT searching for spacewalkers Selers and Wolf. That's a bit of ISS Commander Valery Korzun's green shirt you see in the background. NASA TV capture. Atlantis Pilot Pamela Melroy and ISS Commander Valery Korzun stowing equipment used in STS-112's third and final spacewalk. NASA TV capture. STS-112 Mission Specialist Sandy Magnus works in the ISS. NASA TV capture.
...and here is one from Flight Day 10 (Wednesday):
Here is an outside view of the ISS from STS-112's Flight Day 10. Atlantis was docked to the Pressurized Mating Adapter at left. Notice the Soyuz escape vehicle at upper right. NASA TV capture.
- Click thumbnail for full-size image -


  • 16 October 2002 - Evening Update - Shuttle Atlantis continues on its way home, after undocking this morning from the International Space StationNASA reports:

    ISS Crew Bids Farewell to STS-112
    Space Shuttle Atlantis pull away from the ISS. NASA image.Expedition Five Commander Valery Korzun, Flight Engineer Sergei Treschev and NASA ISS Science Officer Peggy Whitson said goodbye to the STS-112 crew Wednesday.
    The International Space Station as seen from the orbiter's docking mechanism. NASA image.STS-112 delivered the S1 (S-One) Truss to the station. The S1, which is the third piece of the Integrated Truss Structure delivered to the station, was installed Oct. 10. Three spacewalks were performed to activate and outfit the S1. With the new addition, the station now has a mass of 166,118 kilograms (366,227 pounds) and is 52 meters (171 feet) long, 73 meters (240 feet) wide and 27.4 meters (90 feet) high.
    One Night, Two Spaceships
    Wednesday and Thursday are unusually good days for North Americans to view the International Space Station overhead. The Space Shuttle Atlantis undocked from station Wednesday morning, Oct. 16th. The pair will make a series of evening appearances over many US cities both days. Alert sky watchers may be able to see both craft soaring overhead in tandem.

    Flight Day 9 videos are now available in the NASA Gallery.

  • 16 October - Morning Update - Farewells saidhatches shut thrusters fired... and Atlantis has undocked from Space Station AlphaNASA reports:

    STS-112 Departs ISS
    STS-112 Pilot Pam Melroy, left, and Expedition Five Commander Valery Korzun saying goodbye this morning. NASA image.
    The STS-112 crewmembers said goodbye to the Expedition Five crew and began their trip home. Space Shuttle Atlantis undocked from the International Space Station today at 8:13 a.m. CDT [9:13AM EDT/1313 GMT]. Prior to undocking, the hatches between the station and Atlantis were closed at 6:15 a.m. CDT [7:15AM EDT/1115 GMT].
    While at the station, the STS-112 crew successfully installed and activated the S1 (S-One) Truss. To complete installation and activation, the crew conducted three spacewalks. Also, the crew transferred cargo between the shuttle and station.
    The ISS as seen from the orbiter's docking mechanism. NASA image.Following undocking, Pilot Pam Melroy performed a partial fly-around of the station. The crewmembers are now preparing for their return to Earth. Atlantis is slated to touch down Friday at 10:45 a.m. CDT [11:45AM EDT/1545 GMT] at Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

    Flight Day 9 Highlights are up at The Houston Chronicle. See this morning's entry for upcoming NASA TV events today.

  • 16 October 2002 - UNDOCKING DAY - Flight Day 10 is here, and this morning will see Atlantis crew part ways with the International Space StationNASA reports:

    Atlantis Wrapping Up after Construction Job
    NASA ISS Science Officer Peggy Whitson replaces a humidity separator in the International Space Station's Quest Airlock on Wednesday. NASA image.With three spacewalks behind them, the crew of the Space Shuttle Atlantis [finished] joint operations with the International Space Station on Tuesday. On Monday, astronauts Piers Sellers and David Wolf connected fluid lines and performed other work that allow the recently installed space station truss to be activated. The shuttle's engines were also fired to boost the station into a higher orbit.
    Watch NASA TV on Wednesday to see coverage of STS-112's departure from the International Space Station. The STS-112 and Expedition Five crews are scheduled to bid farewell and close the hatches between the station and Space Shuttle Atlantis at 5:59 a.m. CDT [6:59AM EDT/1059 GMT]. Atlantis is scheduled to undock at 8:13 a.m. CDT [9:13AM EDT/1313 GMT].STS-112 Mission Specialist Fyodor Yurchikhin on the flight deck of Atlantis. NASA photo.
    Then at 12:39 p.m. CDT [1:39PM EDT/1739 GMT], the STS-112 crew will participate in interviews with the ABC Radio Network, MSNBC and KUSA-TV of Denver, Colo. NASA TV Schedule

    Back on the ground, analysis of Atlantis' launch reveals that backup explosive bolts (that release the Shuttle when the engines ignite) malfunctioned. Further investigation will take place upon the orbiter's return to KSC.

    Check the play-by-play links at right for up-to-the-minute status, and watch NASA TV to see the action live!

    Check out our exclusive screen captures from Monday's spacewalk!


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