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STS-111 Mission Overview

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Space Station Alpha Expedition Four patch. NASA image.The "core crew" of STS-111 will remain the same from liftoff to touchdown.Space Station Alpha Expedition Five patch. NASA image.
ISS Expedition Four crew. NASA photo.ISS Expedition Five crew. Photo courtesy of NASA.
Shuttle Endeavour returns from mission STS-111 to the International Space Station!

NASA image of STS-111 crew patch

TOP LEFT: ISS Expedition 4 patch; STS-111 "core crew"; ISS Expedition 5 patch. BOTTOM LEFT: ISS Expedition 4 and 5 crews.
RIGHT: STS-111 Mission Patch.

Latest Mission News

Countdown    Shuttle (ground) Status    Liftoff Status

STS-111 Updated Flight Facts:

Mission:   International Space Station Flight UF-2
Orbiter: Endeavour (OV-105)
Crew: 7 (4 + 3 ISS Up + 3 ISS Down)
Duration: 13 Days, 20 Hours, 35 minutes
Launch Date: Wednesday, 05 June 2002
Launch Time: 5:23PM EDT (2123 GMT)
Launch Window: 10 minutes (5:17PM - 5:27PM EDT)
Launch Facility: KSC, Pad 39A
Docking: 07 June 2002, 12:25 PM EDT (1625 GMT)
EVAs: 3 Spacewalks
Undocking: 15 June 2002, 10:32AM EDT (1432 GMT)
Landing: 19 June 2002, 1:58PM EDT (1758 GMT)
Landing Facility: Kennedy Space Center (target)
Edwards Air Force Base (actual)
Orbit Altitude: 122 nautical miles (226 kilometers)
Orbit Inclination: 51.60°
Flight stats: 110th Shuttle flight (18th for Endeavour)

Mission info from NASA Human Spaceflight and Kennedy Space Center webs

STS-111 to Deliver Expedition Five, Install Mobile Base System
Workers at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., oversee the transport of the International Space Station's Mobile Base System from one test stand to another. NASA Photo Number: KSC-02PD-0495, Date: 04/16/02STS-111 will be the 14th shuttle mission to visit the International Space Station, continuing the assembly of the outpost and delivering a new crew. During STS-111's stay, the crew will perform three spacewalks to install the Mobile Base System onto the station's Mobile Transporter and to replace the wrist roll joint on the station's robot arm, Canadarm2.
The Expedition Five crew -- Commander Valery Korzun and Flight Engineers Peggy Whitson and Sergei Treschev -- will arrive at the station on Space Shuttle Endeavour and replace the Expedition Four crew, which will return home with STS-111.
Third Trip in Space for Leonardo
The Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module as seen during Shuttle Discovery's STS-102 mission. NASA image.The Italian-built ... Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module has made its third trip to the International Space Station. Multi-Purpose Logistics Modules, or MPLMs, are reusable cargo carriers for the station. Leonardo contains about 2,540 kilograms (5,600 pounds) of cargo. It also contains eight Resupply Stowage Racks, five Resupply Stowage Platforms, two International Stowage Racks and two new scientific experiment racks for the station. Included in the cargo are supplies and equipment for the Expedition Five crew. Leonardo is slated to be attached to the station Saturday [June 8] and returned to Space Shuttle Endeavour’s payload bay June 14.

Original Flight Facts:

Launch Date: 30 May 2002
Launch Time: 7:44PM EDT (2344 GMT)
Launch Window: 5-10 minutes
Docking: 01 June 2002
Undocking: 09 June 2002
Landing: 11 June 2002
Duration: 11 days, 19 hours, 4 minutes

Note: Due to expanded coverage, this Mission Journal is now divided into six sections, for faster downloading. Updates are presented with newest dates on top, with Part 6 covering undocking through touchdown; Part 5 covering the last EVA; Part 4 covering the first two EVAs; Part 3 covering liftoff through docking; Part 2 covering the pre-launch scrubs; and Part 1 covering all Preflight activities. There is also an EVA log with details on this mission's spacewalks.

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