STS-109 Mission Journal  

STS-109 Mission Overview

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NASA photo of the STS-109 crew. Shuttle Columbia returns to space on mission STS-109 to upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope!

STS-109 Mission Patch. NASA image.

LEFT: STS-109 crew (L-R) Michael Massimino, Richard Linnehan, Duane Carey, Scott Altman, Nancy Currie, John Grunsfeld and James Newman.
RIGHT: Mission Patch.


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Flight Profile:

Mission: Hubble Space Telescope Servicing 3B
Orbiter: Columbia (OV-102)
Launch Pad: 39A
Launch: 1 March 2002 6:22AM EST
Launch Window: 1 hour, 2 mins
Grapple: 3 March 2002 4:14AM EST
EVAs: 5 space walks
Deploy: 9 March 2002 4:02AM EST
Landing: 12 March 2002 4:35AM EST
Duration: 10 days, 22 hours, 13 mins
Orbit Altitude: 308 nautical miles
Orbit Inclination: 28.5

Mission profile from NASA Human Spaceflight

108th Shuttle flight (27th for Columbia)