STS-107 Mission Journal  

STS-107 Mission Journal - Part 2

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Columbia lifts off on mission STS-107. Image: TV

LEFT: We captured Columbia lifting off via NASA TV.

RIGHT: STS-107 mission patch.

NASA image of STS-107 crew patch.
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  • 18 January 2003 - Evening Update - Work continues round-the-clock aboard Columbia. NASA reports:

    STS-107 Science Experiments Are Under Way
    From Columbia's flight deck, the STS-107 red team speaks with reporters on Earth. From left are, Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon, Mission Specialist Kalpana Chawla, Commander Rick Husband and Mission Specialist Laurel Clark. NASA image.Numerous science experiments are under way as the STS-107 crew continues research aboard Space Shuttle Columbia. The astronauts are working in split shifts in order to conduct 24-hour operations during the 16-day mission.
    Crewmembers set up two Israeli cameras in order to search over the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean for dust particles possibly impacting weather on Earth. The cameras are expected to supply high-quality images and remarkable details.
    One experiment taking place includes examining calcium metabolism changes in an astronaut's body. Another is the Mechanics of Granular Materials, which seeks to improve knowledge concerning damage to soils and foundations caused by earthquakes.

    Flight Day 2 videos and images are now available in the NASA Gallery.

  • 18 January 2003 - Flight Day 3 - Science operations continue. NASA reports:

    1st Israeli Astronaut in Orbit
    NASA image of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon. NASA photo number JSC2002-E-15457.The first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon, launched into orbit on his maiden flight aboard STS 107 on Thursday, Jan. 16. His mother survived Auschwitz and his father fought in Israel's war of independence. He carries their dreams, and those of his countrymen, with him on this 16 day science mission. In his preflight interview, he tells us "it's very exciting for me to be able to fulfill their dream that they wouldn't dare to dream." While in orbit, he will honor the Jewish community around the world by eating kosher meals and observing the Sabbath on Houston time.
    NASA image of STS-107 Mission Specialist David Brown.The STS-107 Red Team will participate in interviews with CBS News, CNN and the Fox News Network at [3:04PM EST/2004 GMT] Saturday. Later, NASA TV will air the Mission Status Briefing at [4PM EST/2100 GMT] and an International Space Station update at [5PM EST/2200 GMT]. NASA TV Schedule

    Keep an eye on the play-by-play links at top right for commentary, and watch live video on NASA TV.

  • 17 January 2003 - Flight Day 2 - Friday, the first full day of on-orbit operations, saw science experiments going full-steam ahead. NASA reports:

    STS-107 Crew Activates SPACEHAB, Experiments
    Columbia roars away from the pad, heading for an orbit of 39 degrees. NASA photo KSC-03PD-0118.Research aboard Space Shuttle Columbia continued on schedule Friday afternoon for the STS-107 crewmembers, who were in the first full day of on-orbit activities.
    They completed activation of the SPACEHAB Research Double Module and all of its experiments, including the Fast Reaction Experiments Enabling Science Technology Applications and Research, or FREESTAR, payloads.
    The External Tank moves away from Space Shuttle Columbia shortly after being jettisoned on Thursday. NASA image.The STS-107 crewmembers are working in split shifts in order to conduct 24-hour operations during the 16-day mission. Friday night, crewmembers were slated to work with the Mediterranean Israeli Dust Experiment, or MEIDEX, and human life experiments were slated to begin.
    Watch NASA TV to see the Flight Day 2 Highlights at 10PM EST Friday/0300 GMT Saturday]. They will be replayed at the top of every hour until [5AM EST/1000 GMT] Saturday. NASA TV Schedule

    Flight Day 1 videos are now available in the NASA Gallery.

  • 16 January 2003 - Evening Update - Flight Day 1 draws to close (for the Red Team, at least). The Blue Team was awakened at about 9:40PM EST today/0240 GMT Friday. Israeli dignitaries were on hand this morning to witness the launch of Ilan Ramon, the first astronaut from that countryNASA reports:

    Shuttle Columbia Aloft
    Space Shuttle Columbia launches from Kennedy Space Center, Fla., at 9:39 a.m. CST (1539 GMT) Thursday to begin STS-107.The first shuttle mission of the year carries the first Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon. Columbia, the oldest orbiter in the Shuttle fleet, will carry three tons of science to orbit...literally! STS 107 is the first strictly science research mission since STS-99.
    STS-107 Crew Goes to Work
    Shortly after reaching orbit, the seven-member STS-107 crew began preparing for mission operations. They opened Columbia's payload bay doors, unpacked equipment and began activating the SPACEHAB Double Research Module, which houses equipment for 59 of the 80-plus experiments that will be performed during the 16-day mission.
    Watch NASA TV to see Flight Day 1 Highlights at [10PM EST today/0300 GMT Friday]. They will be replayed at the top of every hour until [5AM EST/1000 GMT] Friday. Also on Friday, NASA TV will carry a Mission Status Briefing at [2PM EST/1900 GMT] and an International Space Station update at [4PM EST/2100 GMT]. NASA TV Schedule

    Flight Day 1 pics are now available in the NASA Gallery. Launch videos here and here.

  • 16 January - LIFTOFF! - Columbia has lifted off on the first Shuttle mission of the year - "with a multitude of national and international space research experiments"! Post-launch news conference at 11:55AM EST (1655 GMT). NASA reports:

    Columbia Launches to Begin 16-Day Research Mission
    Space Shuttle Columbia launches from Kennedy Space Center, Fla., at 10:39AM EST (1539 GMT) Thursday to begin STS-107. NASA image.STS-107 got under way today when Space Shuttle Columbia launched from Kennedy Space Center, Fla., at [10:39AM EDT/1539 GMT]. Less than nine minutes later, Columbia settled into an orbit inclined 39 degrees to the equator.
    The seven-member crew is slated to spend 16 days in space conducting research during around-the-clock operations. More than 80 experiments are flying aboard Columbia. Research areas include Earth and space sciences, advanced technology development, and astronaut health and safety.
    STS-107 Launch NASA photo KSC-03PD-0115.Now that they are in space, the seven crewmembers are preparing for on-orbit operations and activating experiments. The crew is slated to activate the SPACEHAB Research Double Module at [1:09PM EST/1809 GMT] today. [They] will divide their duties into two teams working 12-hour shifts to conduct round-the-clock science.
    The Blue Team -- Pilot William McCool, Mission Specialists David Brown and Payload Commander Michael Anderson -- is slated to go to sleep at [2:39PM EST/1939 GMT] today. The Red Team -- Commander Rick Husband, Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon and Mission Specialists Laurel Clark and Kalpana Chawla -- will continue to activate experiments.
    Watch NASA TV to see the International Space Station and Expedition Six update at [5PM EST/2200 GMT] today. Flight Day 1 Highlights will air at [10PM EST today/0300 GMT Friday] and be replayed at the top of every hour until [5AM EST/1000 GMT] Friday. NASA TV Schedule

    Everything went off without a hitch - security was tight, and the launch was flawless. KSC has launch pics up.

  • 16 January - Morning Update - The crew is aboard and ready to go. NASA reports:

    STS-107 Crew Boards Shuttle for Launch Today
    During suitup activities Thursday, Astronaut Jerry Ross extends his best wishes to STS-107 Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon -- the first Israeli astronaut -- who is making his first space flight on STS-107. NASA image.With vehicle systems and weather in fine shape for today's launch of STS-107, the seven crewmembers suited up and took their seats aboard Space Shuttle Columbia. The shuttle is slated to lift off from Launch Pad 39A at Kennedy Space Center, Fla., at [10:39AM EDT/1539 GMT], which is the beginning of a 2 hour, 30 minute window. It will spend 16 days in space during a mission devoted to research.
    STS-107 Mission Specialist Michael Anderson. NASA photo.The crew includes Commander Rick Husband, Pilot Willie McCool, Payload Commander Michael Anderson, Mission Specialists Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark and David Brown and Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon. STS-107 is the first space flight for McCool, Clark, Brown and Ramon -- who represents the Israel Space Agency.
    Forecasts indicate that there is a 95-percent chance of favorable weather at launch time today, with the primary concern being a slight chance of low clouds at Kennedy.

    Stay Tuned...

  • 16 January 2003 - LAUNCH DAY - With security at an all-time high, things are looking good for today's launch. NASA reports:

    STS-107 Launch
    A fish-eye lens captures Columbia on the launchpad. NASA photo KSC-03PD-0070.With weather forecasts continuing to look promising, Columbia is poised for launch at [10:39AM EDT/1539 GMT] Thursday. The Kennedy Space Center will provide web programming of the launch of STS-107. KSC Direct's Internet events will begin at 9:40 am EST [1440 GMT] with Program Host Chris Guidi and Astronaut Janice Voss. You can keep up with the latest news via the Live Launch Countdown site.
    The STS-107 crew having breakfast before launch. NASA photo KSC-03PD-0098.Columbia's crew of seven - Commander Rick Husband, Pilot Willie McCool, Mission Specialists Dave Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Mike Anderson and Laurel Clark, and Payload Specialist Ilan Ramon - will conduct more than 80 experiments during their 16-day mission.

    Yesterday's pre-launch Briefing video can be seen here. Use the links at top right to see up-to-the-second commentary, and watch live on NASA TV!

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