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Mission Journal Updates

STS-126 Crew Portrait. NASA PHOTO NO: STS126-S-002            STS-126 mission patch. NASA IMAGE NO: STS126-S-001

Mission info from NASA and Spaceflight Now! websites


Veteran space flier Navy Capt. Christopher J. Ferguson will command the STS-126 mission aboard Endeavour to deliver equipment to the International Space Station that will enable larger crews to reside aboard the complex. Air Force Lt. Col. Eric A. Boe will serve as the pilot. The mission specialists are Navy Capt. Stephen G. Bowen, Army Lt. Col. Robert S. Kimbrough, Navy Capt. Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper and NASA astronauts Donald R. Pettit and Sandra H. Magnus.

ISS Expedition 17 (L-R): NASA's Greg Chamitoff, and Russian Federal Space Agency cosmonauts Sergei Volkov and Oleg Kononenko. Chamitoff will be returning to Earth aboard Endeavour. NASA PHOTO NO: ISS017-S-002BMagnus will remain on the station, replacing Expedition 17/18 Flight Engineer Gregory E. Chamitoff, who returns to Earth with the STS-126 crew. Magnus will serve as a flight engineer and NASA science officer for Expedition 18. Magnus will return to Earth on shuttle mission STS-119.

Endeavour will carry a reusable logistics module that will hold supplies and equipment, including additional crew quarters, a second treadmill, equipment for the regenerative life support system and spare hardware.

STS-126 is the 27th shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

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