Shenzhou 7 Mission Journal  

Shenzhou VII Mission Overview

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Mission Journal Updates

Shenzhou VII Flight Facts:

Mission:   Shenzhou VII
Launch Vehicle: Shenzhou VII spacecraft on
Long March 2F rocket (CZ-2F)
Return Vehicle: Shenzhou VII Re-entry Module
Crew: 3 Chinese
Duration: 68 Hours
Orbit Period: 89.8 minutes (estimated)
Launch Time: 25 September 2008, 9:10PM EDT (13:10:04 GMT/2110 Local Time)
Launch Window: 1 hour 17 Minutes
Launch Facility: Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, Gansu Province, China
EVAs: One
Landing: 28 Sep 2008, 5:37AM EDT
(09:37 GMT/17:37 local time)
Landing Location: Siziwang Banner (county), Inner Mongolia, China
Number of Orbits: 46 (Estimated)
Orbit Altitude: 124-215 miles
Orbit Inclination: 43
Flight stats: 7th launch of Shenzhou spacecraft - China's first 3-man crew, first EVA

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