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Solar Eclipse '99...


16 October - Sunspot Cycle update from NASA Space Science News

bullet12 October - What effect did the eclipse have on Earths gravity field?
bullet18 August - Somebody stop me from finding eclipse stories! ABC News Science Editor discusses Eclipse '99 and the Perseids.
bullet16 August - OK, would you believe two more Eclipse links?
bullet13 August - OK, one more eclipse story (view from Mir was first from space).
12 August - See Exploratorium's video coverage here. Also, see NASA's video from the Black Sea, and check out the view from orbit! Millions watched under cloudy European skies.

10 August - If you live in Europe, you've probably heard all about the full solar eclipse (the last one of the millennium!) coming up this Wednesday. Read all about it from the BBC. North Americans will see a partial eclipse - check NASA's eclipse page for details and live coverage. Remember kids, don't stare at the sun!

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